Stattucino Applet

Stattucino is a free online spreadsheet data analysis and statistical calculations. You will use Stattucino to uncover concepts that are implicit in your data. It also helps you to answer questions about the data you have collected. The textdata can be imported into this spreadsheet by copy paste using the paste button.

Requirement is that the java plugin is installed in the browser, and javascript is enabled.

Each procedure has a helpfile that is accessible throught the dialogs. For instance, clicking the help button in the t-test procedure shows the t-test help file. The output produced are html tables that can be copied in any word processor.

List of available statistics

  • Linear regression
  • Summary Statistics: Means, minimum, maximum, standard deviation
  • Anova
  • T-Test
  • Paired T-Test
  • Frequencies
  • Correlations

Helpfiles are given here.